Bio640x640My name is Todd Child and I am a father of 4 children who wants to live life too the fullest, have fun and serve people.

In 2010 my family went through the devastation of losing my 5 year old son to Pulmonary Hypertension. Going through this experience I have realized that I have wasted too much time focused on things that didn’t matter, and stressed about stuff that I no longer remember. Life is too short. I believe that we were meant to be something more, that we all are designed for greatness but life has a way of sucking our hopes and dream out of us and we end up settling for mediocre.

My mission is to restore hope in young couples before it is too late. To help them avoid the traps and pitfalls that are in all our paths, with financial coaching, educating, and sharing my experience. I hope to be able to give them the ability to win in life and their finances so they spend the small amount of time allotted to all of us, creating memories with family and friends, instead of being ground down by the pressures of this world trying to pay for stuff that they will barely remember.

I am the guy that will get you from Survival to Surplus!